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At eighteen, Emerson Rosberg was poised to become an  Olympic skiing sensation. Growing up in the Adirondack ski  town of Lake Henry with a world-renowned ski champion  for a father gave her an edge over the competition...until  the day she let her ego get the better of her and made a  devastating mistake that would cost her any future in the  sport. Deciding the only way to heal her shattered dreams  was to run as far away from Lake Henry as possible, she  settled in Los Angeles, leaving all memories of her  previous life far behind.   When her mother dies suddenly, Emerson is forced back to  Lake Henry to take care of things, including the sale of The  Lakeshore Inn. Her plan to get in and get out of that  miserable town as quickly as possible is brought to a  screeching halt when Cassie Prescott, the bubbly, friendly  owner of a local sporting goods store, gets in the way.  Cassie’s still cleaning up the debris from her last  relationship, but she’s instantly drawn to Emerson, despite  warnings from friends and family alike.   As the cold weather closes in and Emerson and Cassie’s  relationship heats up, one question keeps popping up for  Emerson: can you really go home again? 
I am thrilled to announce my next novel, Zero Visibility! Look for it in time for Valentine’s Day. As soon as preordering is available, I'll let you know, just  keep checking back. As always, thank you for all your wonderful support.