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It’s July!!!
I can’t believe it’s the middle of July and summer’s halfway over! Can you? How is it possible that winter lasts so long and summer seems so short? And I don’t even hate winter like some people. (Except for last winter…I did hate last winter.) But wow, summer flies. And despite predictions, it’s been beautifully cool, which is the way I like it. I don’t need it ever to be hotter than 75. I’m perfectly happy with that. It’s been a busy season so far. I’m working hard on my next novel, which is called Zero Visibility and is set in the Adirondacks in the fall/winter, so getting into that mindset has been an interesting task as I sit in my studio at home in July while it’s 80 degrees. But it’s moving along nicely. I’m also gathering ideas for the next episode of the “Balance” series, which I’m getting great feedback on. Thank you so much for all your positive comments. Norah will continue on her journey as long as you guys keep tagging along with her. My garden is growing like gangbusters. This picture of 5 zucchini shows you exactly 5 times as many zucchini as I got from my garden last year, so there’s that. I’m making zucchini soup later today to go with dinner. I just returned from Portland, Oregon (my first time there), where I attended the 10 th  annual Golden Crown Literary Society’s writers conference. It was a whirlwind and—as usual—I had a fantastic time. I got to meet dozens and dozens of readers, I signed books, I sat on panels with lesbian literary icons Katherine V. Forrest and Ann Bannon, and I got to spend time with my awesome writer friends, people I talk to online every day, but only see face to face once or twice a year. And Melissa Brayden and I were able to sneak away to the Ponzi Winery before the conference got going, which was just gorgeous. I didn’t see a lot, but what I saw of Portland was beautiful and not unlike upstate New York. It was a busy, crazy five days, and I came home more exhausted than I can ever remember being. I joked with Bonnie that I felt like I’d hit 7-Year-Old Mode on my way home where I just wanted to lay on the floor of the airport and cry, I was so tired. Luckily, I refrained from doing so and made it home without bursting into tears in the middle of Midway in Chicago (though I did get teary once on the plane, but managed to hide it from the kid sitting next to me). That’s about it for this month. Keep sending me emails and following me on Facebook. I love all your comments and questions. And thanks for all the positive feedback you’re giving me regarding Olive Oil & White Bread. It’s doing really well, and I so appreciate it.